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We love our pets and practice high breeding standards for health and temperament. Parents DNA panel tested and non-carriers of all known collie diseases. Our belief – Good health and temperament is essential, cuteness is guaranteed and lots of love is always included.   We produce collie puppies in all colors. Puppies are priced at $1500.00, Puppies expected Thanksgiving week, 2020, all colors.  To get on our list for this year or next or to inquire about one of our precious babies please use our contact us form or call us if you prefer at 501-676-2374. Please be aware we are able to respond usually in 24 hours or less if we get an email. Phone calls go to landline messaging may take a couple of days.

Feeding Raw

raw feeding for health
raw feeding with added food for health
raw feeding for health with supplements
Honest Kitchen Veggie Nut and Seed front view
Honest Kitchen Veggie Nut and Seed Side View
Honest Kitchen Fruit and Veggie Base Mix
Honest Kitchen Fruit and Veggie Side View

We raise our pets on a high quality, species appropriate raw food diet, vet care and have all adults tested. As well, I’ve completed a Raw Food Nutrition Certification course, to learn about canine nutrition for 2 reasons. First, we love all of our pets and want them to be as healthy and happy as they can be. Second, their health insures the healthiest rough collie puppies possible. 

All of our pets are fed a variety of raw meat and organs from  grass-fed beef, tripe, lambs, ducks, rabbits, turkey, chickens, mackerel, sardines, raw meaty bones and occasionally wild venison and elk. They also get organic eggs several times a week. For fruits and vegetables I use the honest kitchen base mix for do-it-yourselfers. Honest Kitchen is human grade food made in a human grade facility which ensures extra vitamins and minerals for their health. The ratio I use is 85 to 90% meat to 10 to 15% fruits/vegetables and extras. I supplement their food with kefir, tripe, organic kelp and added probiotics as a boost to their gut health in addition to their raw diet.  Our puppies benefit from the excellent nutrition while in the womb. We believe healthy puppies start with healthy parents.  

Benefits of Raw Feeding

These are some of the many benefits to feeding your rough collie puppies raw.

  • Less visits to the vet
  • Cleaner teeth and fresh breath
  • Better weight control
  • Improved digestion
  • Healthier skin and Shiny coats
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms
  • No internal parasites
  • Harder smaller less smelly stools
  • More energy and stamina
  • Lower risk of cancer
  • Better eye health
  • Boosted immune system
  • Diabetes and arthritis prevention.

These are certainly just a few of the health benefits while there are many more. The most telling is our pets are jumping up for their food now when it is dinner time. They are practically digging in before we can get it set down, whereas before they would just eat, now they LOVE their food. 

I know not everyone feeds raw and it’s understandable because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Regardless of what you feed, if you get a puppy from me I will be happy to share anything I’ve learned. 

What To Expect When You Buy a Collie Puppy from Us

We do our very best to give our babies the best start in life and we want you to be able to do the same.   Anyone allowed to adopt one of our puppies can expect:

  • Wellness exam, Inital vaccine
  • Microchipped with pre-paid registration by us
  • AKC registered with prepaid registration by us
  • Pups tested as needed
  • Bio-Sensory exercises from day 3
  • Free book or puppy treat puzzle, our choice
  • Sample of raw or 5lb bag of kibble
  • Life time of support, call us when needed
  • Social interaction from Day 1
  • Paper training starts at 2 1/2 weeks
  • Outdoor potty training starts at 5 weeks
  • Wkly baths at 5 weeks (much to their dismay, lol)
  • DNA test copies on the parents
  • Pedigree copy on the parents
  • Registration certificate copy on the parents

Getting Your Collie Puppy

United Airlines has a pet safe program. They ship pets in temperature controlled compartments specifically for pets. The price is roughly $500 which includes the live animal certificate and the crate that you keep. They will also allow your collie puppies to be brought back as carry-on if under 20 lbs. At 8 weeks they typically are around 8 to 12 lbs.

In addition, we will also hand deliver up to 8 hours in one direction to meet you for $400.00. For us this  is 16 hours of drive time. Your puppy gets personal attention and potty breaks and you will have your puppy the same day of travel. If you would like personal delivery that takes longer than 8 hours one way contact me to see what can be arranged. 

Another option is a pet nanny service.  A pet nanny flies in the cabin with your puppy and hand delivers your puppy to you in the air port. There are many other delivery service options for animals available today than in years past. We are happy to look into any of them if you have one in mind to discuss.

As with all states, we are required to collect taxes if you live in state or come to Arkansas to pick up a puppy from us. 

Pre-Paid Microchips

Our pups are “Microchiped” pups for their protection. We pay for the microchip because we are listed as 2nd contact so we will be available if you are not able to be contacted. No renewal fees are neccessary.

Please keep a metal tag on them with the registration number and you will be contacted should anything happen.  If no tag is present and the puppy is scanned they will be identified and the “Lot” number will trace back to me as secondary contact to you. This provides a safety net for our puppies. 

Paper Training Puppies

We start paper training at 2 1/2 weeks with a friendly system for our collie puppies. A removable opening at the back of the large whelping box allows the puppies easy access to a tray covered with paper after we remove part of the rails on the end.

The rails keeps mom from squishing small puppies when she lays back if they are behind her. The puppies naturally gravitate to the paper to eliminate away from their feeding and sleeping area.

whelping box for puppies

Outside Potty Training Your Rough Collie Puppy And Exercise

After the puppies are about 5 weeks of age they start going outside to play in a puppy pen during the day. We put them out first thing in the morning so your puppy gets outside potty training all day. By the time they are 8 weeks old some of them have learned to hold it during the night until they get out in the morning.  At that young age it usually takes another week or two to train their bladder. We have heard however that sometimes they are house broken by the time they get to their new homes. 

While in the puppy pen we provide stimulation in the form of toys. I think the favorite is the puppy tunnel which they love and, lol, tear up quite frequently. They now also have small agility devices to step and jump over as well as climb on.

Besides stimulation I felt our puppies needed a nice place to relax when they get tired from all of that playing. I was always worried about the temperature being to hot or to cold! I’ve found what I think is the perfect solution,  “Colley Collies Cozy Cottage”.  It’s set up with heat and air. During the winter months they have warmth, during the summer months they have indoor air. Don’t judge me 🙂

Hubby put it together but lets give credit where credit is due. The units are custom built and shipped by Ricky, owner of Blythe Wood Works 


custom built puppy house
custom built puppy house with air conditioner

Yard Chemicals, Heartworm Prevention and Immunizations

We quit using yard chemicals many years ago because they are harmful to our pets and your puppy. Many “treatments” contain  cancer causing agents.

As far as heartworm preventative, in 2018 we started using products such as HWF for heart worm prevention. Having said that, I’m now convinced after 2 years that it just does not work as well the heartworm pills. I really wanted it to work because I don’t like having to depend on a chemical form of protective but I’m now back to heart worm preventative in tablet form. Let me know if you have a better alternative but for us here in the south  Mosquito infestation is just terrible and the risks are to high.

As far as ticks and fleas, since we’ve switched to raw I don’t see as many on our pets any more. At any rate I still like to have the product “Natural Care” spray on hand and it’s the product I recomment when I’m asked. It uses Essential oils that not only provide a natural remedy for fleas, ticks but it’s also a mosquito deterrent as well which I like. You can pick it up at your local Wal-Mart.

I do believe in initial immunization for our pets. Mom’s colostrum provides a lot if not all of this. I must say however that I do not believe in over vaccination. Once our pets have had the initial vaccines through 16 weeks we do not vaccinate again unless neccessary.

On the subject of immunizations, I follow Dr. Karen Becker, a holistic vet that I admire. According to her, if your pet has any titer at all in his or her system they are still immunized. Titers are disease specific and a test can be performed to check for them to see if they are present. 

It’s too much to get into but here are some titer resource video’s by Dr. Becker here and here. You should watch both as each contain specific information. 

Here are some resource links as well: and


Forever Homes

When we place our rough collie puppies in homes they are expected to be “forever” homes. Of course sometimes there are unexpected circumstances. If you are no longer able to keep your pet and are not able to find them a loving home please return them to us so we can find them a new home. If not, they will stay with us.

If you would like to have more information about one of our available puppies or would like to be added to our waiting list you can go to our Contact Us page and send us your information.

We will make every effort to respond within 24 hours. You may also call us if you prefer at 501-676-2374.

In closing and in short to anyone other then loving families and consciencious breeders:   Please note, we absolutely do not sell to pet shops or puppy mills. I reserve the right not to sell my rough collie puppies to anyone when I question their intentions for my puppies.

Our puppies are in many US States and we have 2 in Canada.

Thanks so much to all of the wonderful families who have adopted our babies!! I feel really good knowing they have gone to wonderful homes in all walks of life. Please, please keep in touch, and send me lots of letters and pictures!


Linda and Lance Sorrows