Beautiful Rough Collie Puppies For Sale

Buying Your Rough Collie Puppy

rough collie puppies

Welcome to Colley Collies!

Thank you for coming to ColleyCollies for your rough collie puppies. We are very pleased to work with you and hope to provide you with your newest family member! Please remember this is a life time commitment for us as rough collie breeders, as much as it is for you as new puppy parents. We take raising our babies seriously and use only the best practices as breeders to ensure you will have the healthiest and as well balanced a puppy as possible. We will be here for you any time you need us.

For your visit to our home to pick up your baby

Plan for a minimum of 20 min with us so I can go over the puppy package with you but usually we visit and it can be as long as an hour! Sorry about that but I love to get to know people and talk!

For your trip back home 

Some things you need to consider bringing with you if it is going to be a long car trip. Your baby could get car sick so a small puppy carrier would be good. Bring a couple bottles of water and a roll of paper towels in case you need to clean him/her and the crate. Lining the crate with newspaper would be helpful for that because if they get sick you can take it out and throw it away and put some clean paper back in.  Puppy pads are also good. Bring a small bowl for your puppy to drink water out of. Bring a leash that has a smaller hook to attach to a small dog collar. We will provide a small collar if needed but I also prefer you bring a good solid collar yourself. 


Feeding your rough collie puppy 

I feed a high quality dog food that has an 89-92% digestibility rating which means 89-92% of the food eaten is utilized nutritionally in the body and only about 10% comes out as waste.  This is a leader in the market as it is nutrient dense and you feed up to 40% less than other foods! Once you see the results for yourself you will want all of your dogs on it, as I have done with my dogs. I send all of our puppies home with it as well!


Puppy Toys

We give our pups lots of squeaky toys to play with while they are in their play pen and they love them. I would suggest those and hard rubber balls. If you use tennis balls or toys that have felt or material it can shred as they chew it. If you see any shredding happen take it away from them as it will come off the toy and they can choke on it. The knotted ropes are good options for tug of war. Make sure none of the toys are small enough they could get stuck in their throat and choke on, like the smaller chew bones; rawhide or rubber. I don’t advocate the rawhide ones myself. They can chew the ends down and I had a friend with a dog that almost choked to death on one. Had my friend not been there to pull it out it would have surely happened. While they are outside we provide other stimulating toys for them to crawl on and navigate through. 


Training Treats and Training

For treats, fresh is always best. You show a piece of bacon to a puppy and he/she will figure out a way of doing what you want to get it, lol. I also buy dehydrated liver and other all natural treats from the same place we get our food from. On our About Collies page I’ve listed about 6 training techniques to start on the path of training a therapy dog or just good basic obedience commands any dog should learn.  


Your Free Gift

I always give a free gift when someone buys our puppies. It’s our way of welcoming you to our family and thanking you for allowing one of our babies to become an important part of your life!  The gift you will receive varies depending on availablilty.


Make potty training your rough collie puppy a successful event

The one important factor in potty training your puppy is consistency! Your puppy has mostly learned to hold it through the night in the crate I keep them in at night usually only needing out once or twice. So now its up to you!

Crate them at night so they are not free to roam the house or room and find a spot to potty in. While they are in the house with you during the day, the first several weeks are crucial that they are not left out and about in the house without supervision. Keep them on a leash and keep the leash knotted to your belt if needed. If you go to the kitchen they go to the kitchen, etc. If they are having free time on the floor take them out every 20 or 30 minutes repeating your word or phrase you chose to let them know it’s time to go potty. When you take them to the door introduce them to the “doggy bells”. All you are looking for the first time is to get them to just touch it and then you happily say Yes! Lets go outside and potty! Once outside give them a few minutes to go potty, give them an excited “Yes” and a treat and have another “outside potty party” and then bring them back in. Repeat when you go back outside again and again, fairly quickly they will be running to the door to ring the bells! Consistency is the key and your pup will be potty trained in no time at all!