Beautiful Rough Collie Puppies For Sale

Collie Boys

Currently we have 1 breeding rough collie male, Colley Collies Indian Wolf “Lummi”.  We will be breeding Shep “Colley Collies Shepard of the Flock” after he’s older towards the end of 2020. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see information and pictures of Shep, a Tri-headed White.

Connor at the top of all of our web pages, has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and I know we will see him again someday. He was our foundation stud and is missed greatly every day! He and Murron are the parents of our female Skye that we kept, she looks just like her dad. 

Connor was our protector. He always rushed in when he suspected his protection was needed. He protected my granddaughter from our other dogs wanting to jump on her to play when she was just a little tyke and he has protected me from a nasty tempered pit bull. He was truly a wonderful companion.

Rough Collie Puppies For Sale

Lummi is our current rough collie boy and breeder. Lummi is a 6 way non carrier for CEA, PRA, DM, CN, HUU, and MDR1n/n! He is a very loving collie and proves it all the time with kisses. He is playful and likes playing fetch! Lummi will be the sire of all of our puppies for the time being. Lummi carries a white gene and can produce white-factored puppies and color headed whites with Bonnie.

Meet Shep! Son to our Lummi x Bonnie, Shep is a 6 way non carrier for CEA, PRA, DM, CN, HUU, and MDR1n/n! He is a very joyful collie and proves it all the time running at top speed, playing rough and tumble and giving lots of love and kisses! Shep will be mated with Skye and Izzy. He is a color headed white with tri-factor head and tri factor body spots. With Skye and Izzy he will produce white factored, trifactored sable and whites and white factored tricolors. It will be such a pleasure to see their babies!

Shep Young Adult Male Collie
Shep as Young Male Adult Rough Collie