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Glasgowhill’s Stardust of Storm “Dusty”. Dusty is a white-factored, tri-factored sable and white collie.  We are proud to get him from Sandra Hamilton of Glasgowhill and to add him to our breeding program early 2022.

Colley Collies My Pal Fergus “Fergus” Fergus is Dusty’s son that we just could not part with! He is a white factored tri color rough collie. 

Connor at the top of all of our web pages, has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and I know we will see him again someday. He was our foundation stud and is missed greatly every day! He and Murron are the parents of our female Skye that we kept, she looks just like her dad. 

Connor was our protector. He always rushed in when he suspected his protection was needed. He protected my granddaughter from our other dogs wanting to jump on her to play when she was just a little tyke and he has protected me from a nasty tempered pit bull. He was truly a wonderful companion.

Rough Collie Puppies For Sale

Dusty is a white-factored, tri-factored sable and white collie. We are very proud of this guy! His dad’s call name is Storm and Dusty’s registered name is Glasgowhill’s Stardust of Storm. But to us he is Dusty butt, lol. In the top pictures he is right at 6 months old. In the bottom pictures right at 1 year old. I started teaching him his toys at 2 months old and now he helps me with the laundry. He picks things up I drop and hands them to me, lol.

Dusty is a non carrier for CEA, PRA, CN, DM, HUU, and carrier, not affected for MDR1 and the best possible outcome for DMS which is low risk. Dusty’s COI is 4.34. Dusty is being bred to Bailey on 4/8/23 for a litter of sables, tri colors and color headed whites. Be sure to get on our list early for these babies!

If you don’t know what the DNA testing carrier/non carrier means visit our page on DNA Testing to find out more. Dusty will never produce affected pups of any disease with my girls.

Dusty close up
WhiteFactored Sable and White Rough Collie
white factored sable rough collie

Pictures of Dusty’s dad Storm and his mom, Prada. 

TriColor Male Rough Collie

As stated at the top, Fergus is a son of Dusty’s that we could not part with. He is a white-factored tri color rough and we think he is very handsome!! He is such a joy to be around, so playful and loving. He loves being fussed over and being groomed to! He is being bred to our Bluebell April 11, 2023 for a litter of tri colors and blue merles. Be sure to get on our list early!

white-factored tri color rough collie male