Beautiful Rough Collie Puppies For Sale

Collie Girls

Colley Collies Diamond in the Skye “Skye” is out of our own Colley Collies “Murron” x “Connor”.  Skye looks just her dad featured on all of our pages at the top. 

Colley Collies Blue Cotton Bonnet “Bonnie”. Bonnie is a blue merle headed white. 

Colley Collies She’s My Isabel “Izzy”. Izzy is a tri-factored sable and white.

Colley Collies Diamond in the Skye “Skye” is out of our own Connor x Murron and is in our breeding program. She is a loving collie who looks just like her dad and acts just like both her mom and dad, Skye has an excellent temperament  and is a wonderful mother! She is a pure for sable that is very light and red in color looking more like her dad, a traditional sable. She produces varying shades (pure and tri-factored) of traditional Sable and Whites depending on her mate.  Skye is NE/C for CEA meaning normal eyed, carrier not affected and is NE/NC for rcd2/PRA, DM, CN, HUU, and MDR1 N/N. Skye will always be bred to a CEA non-carrier so none of her pups will ever be affected by CEA. They will be non carrier for everything else.

Colley Collies Blue Cotton Bonnet “Bonnie” is a pretty blue headed white. She is “aloof” as we say in the collie world. She is distrustful of strangers and shys away from them but will give a stranger her affection on occasion if she trusts them well enough.  She is very playful and loves her toys! Her and our mini schnauzer Heidi often carry them around playing tug of war or taking them from each other.  Bonnie is a normal eyed/non carrier rough collie. DNA tested clear for CEA, rcd2/PRA, DM, CN, HUU, and MDR1 N/N. Her testing for DMS was just completed and is the best possible outcome so Miss Bonnie is perfect! Bonnie produces an assortment of coat colors; tri-colors, tri-factors, blue merles, tri-factored sable merles and possible whites!

Colley Collies She’s My Isabel “Izzy” a tri-factored sable and white and she looks a lot like Heather did at her age!  She is 100% clear for all known collie diseases CEA, rcd2/PRA, DM, CN, HUU, and MDR1 N/N. She is truly a lovely collie, very smart and loves to play! Her and Bonnie have a good romp all of the time, they are so silly together.  Izzy, depending on her mate, will produce tri-factor sable and white, tri-colors, pure for sable and white-factored puppies as well. Pictures below at 1 year.