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Please complete the fields below to contact us via Email about any available rough collie puppies we might have. You will get a quicker response this way as I get notifications for my emails as they come in. All fields must be entered for the submit button to be enabled. As well you can review our Puppy Pricing Policy page for info about that or if you are looking for an adult dog look to our “Adult Rough Collies for Sale” page. 

Please note that I do not share your information with anyone however if phone calls are better you may leave us a message via cell phone at 501-658-5204. I will return your call as soon as possible. Please note if I am texted I will insist on a personal phone call at some point in order to avoid scams. Or you can send us a form posted below which I get almost immediately. 

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Testimonials we hear about our babies 🙂

“I thought you would want to know that the vet is very impressed with “the line” of collies that you breed. She describes them as healthy, without congenital abnormalities, and displaying desirable dispositions. Bravo, colleycollies! Thanks Heather, Conor, Linda and Lance.”

“Ladybird and I are doing spectacular, I cannot imagine a happier puppy. It is obvious that she is no ordinary dog. Thank you for the wonderful loving puppy.”

“JoJo is a freaking tank! AND protective…they are out in the yard and he sees something he is right on point.”

“Thank you for putting the pictures etc. online. We still cannot imagine a more devoted, loving breeder. So happy we were lucky enough to get Jenny Snowdrop.”

“Good morning, Linda!  I was sitting here with Monty (aka Legolas) this morning and thinking what a wonderful dog he is and thought I’d let you know how he’s doing.  He’s such a handsome, smart, and loving dog.  He already knows his basic commands and has started to learn the names of his toys – if you tell him to “get frog” versus “get ball” he knows which is which and grabs the correct one to bring to you.  House training was effortless and quick – other than being hungry ALL the time (he’s already about 35 pounds and growing every day) his digestion is perfect. “