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Dusty’s Pedigree & Test Results

Dusty’s Test Results posted below.

CKC – HY4059110

AKC – DN67703002

AKC DNA – Waiting on Application

DOB – 12/30/2020 

Dusty is just the smartest boy and at 6 months old already helps me with the laundry. He is so sweet and loves to play.  Dusty is double registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and the AKC Kennel Club. You can see Dusty here on our Collie Boys page. 

Dusty Canadian Pedigree
Dusty's Pedigree
Dusty Disease Certificate

PawPrint Genetics now does DMS Testing so Dusty’s results for that are included in the results above whereas our other collies had separate testing done. The possible outcomes are “Low”, “Moderate”, and “High”. We were blessed with the good fortune that all of our collies were “Low”, the best possible outcome! Report shown below.

Dusty Color Traits