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Izzy’s Pedigree & Test Results

AKC – DN57525005

Microchip – 

DOB – 3/27/2019

Colley Collies She’s my Isabel “Izzy” is a tri-factored sable and white rough collie. She is very playful, inquisitive and wants to be in on the action. If I am standing around leaning on a fence she often jumps up with her head between my arm and the fence pushing her head up into my neck to get a good nuzzel. She knows how to get lovins, lol. Izzy is a 6 way non carrier for CEA, rcd2-PRA, CN, DM, HUU and MDR1. I expect sable and white, trifactored sable and white, tri-colors and white factored pups of both sable and white and tricolor from her.

Testing for DMS (Dermatomyositis) is the latest testing available for Collies that became available in 2018. The possible outcomes are “Low”, “Moderate”, and “High”. Izzy came back as “Low” the best possible outcome!

Izzys DMS Test results best outcome of Low