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Thank you for allowing us to bring more joy into your life with one of our pups! We feel we've been blessed with all the new friends we have made.  ~ families that have adopted our babies!

We received an update from our dear friend Susan in MA about Violet. She is 9 years old now! You can see the age in her face but she is still such a beautiful girl. I love the descriptions!

Susan writes “This is 9 year old Violet after her first post quarantine grooming, “stop taking pictures and scratch my butt”. kiss 

Kathy Writes:

Been wanting to touch base with you and let you know how much we love Beaux (Elijah)!  He is absolutely an amazing, wonderful and beautiful addition to our family.  Thank you!!

Everyone admires this dog.  He brings back memories to so many people that said they had a “Lassie” dog when they were a child.  Don’t see many Collies around here any more.  Everyone that sees this dog, loves this dog!!  As your web site states; they are truly wonderful companions.

Sending you some photos of our Beaux…enjoy! 

Kathy & Bobby

New Orleans, Louisiana

Brian, Brianna, and “Bonnie”… Brian writes: Once home she fell in live with her toy squirrel, which she carries around the living room. She and I have been playing and cuddling on her Disney princess blanket.

I say “Nah…. she’s not spoiled!”  lol

Jeni writes about Eleanor’s first “meet & greet”:

We are so impressed with the effort you put into preparing our Eleanor to be a great member of her new family.

She arrived in fine condition and only hesitated briefly before emerging from her crate when I first leashed her. Then she bounced out and began nuzzling my husband’s face as he lay down to encourage her to play. Eleanor romped on the grass with us for 20 minutes and ate heartily.

We crated her again and she slept all the way home. Once here, she socialized beautifully with our GSD and the senior Newfie in their brief meetings. Then Eleanor spent a peaceful evening with us, did her messes outside when I took her out, and began working on Come, No, and her name.

As I type this, she is sleeping with her new stuffed chew toy in her crate. Not a peep.

BTW, her crate was clean when she arrived and all the Delta staff fell in love with her. They kept raving about how cute and calm she was.

Nice work!

Erica writes:

Things are going really well! We took her to our vet and everyone loved her! She checked out just fine and is scheduled for her next set of shots.

Penny is so smart! We’ve been crate training her and she cried a little the first night but hasn’t even whimpered since then.

Potty training has also been going well. She’s only had 1 accident so far and I think it’s mostly bc I waited too long to let her out :/

She is so much fun and she has so many facial expressions haha she loves to play tag with us and she takes guilty pleasure in dragging Sergio’s socks around (until we catch her)

She’s slowly adapting to the Texas heat, but definitely is not a fan of being outside too long. She stops playing after about 10 min outside and gives me a look that says ok I need my AC lol

Thank you so much for all the handling you did with her early in life. It really makes a difference in how she’s adapted to our little family. Even the cat hasn’t complained about her too much.

Barb says Dakota Rose has quite the “repertoire”, among Dakota’s many animal allies is Ava: My new Mom says Ava the cat is a “loner”…. but Ava really likes me……. we hang out….my Mom is glad Ava has a friend.

Right now, Dakota Rose is in the Smokies hoping to show the Bears who is boss! lol.

Oh my goodness, she (C.J.) has stolen our hearts already!  She is an absolutely

beautiful, sweet puppy; she had a great first night in her new home! 

Later Michael wrote: We love our sweet Maggie; she is doing so well and growing quickly! We couldn’t be more pleased with her!

Reville is pooped out. She is absolutely beautiful. Took her to the vet and he said she is doing great and you tested for everything.

Thanks, Billy


She’s doing amazing here and as are most puppies she is always finding new things to get into and explore! We’ve discovered she has a love hate relationship with hair dryers as well as swiffer mops! She’s so smart and is already potty trained and can even shake hands!


Pictures of Calleigh meeting her new best friend Cassie aka Sonic from Connor and Murron’s June 2012 litter.
What can bring more joy to a 5 year old then meeting her new puppy for the first time and the family’s joy at witnessing it!

Renee sent us an update on Emmy Lou from Heather and Connor’s Oct 2011 Litter…. She has such a beautiful brown face and who is on the other end of that leash… such a pretty young girl with her puppy on the beach! Too cute!!


We were so excited when Susan and Emily of MA decided to adopt another pup from Heather and Connor’s March 2011 litter, Violet. She is sister to Duncan whom they adopted from their 2009 litter. Below is their picture together, they are so cute!!!! Duncan now has a “real” buddy, see his picture lower down the page. See what Susan had to say below the picture:

I thought you would want to know that the vet is very impressed with “the line” of collies that you breed.  She describes them as healthy, without congenital abnormalities, and displaying desirable dispositions.  Bravo, colleycollies!  Thanks Heather, Conor, Linda and Lance

From Andrew in SC:

Ladybird and I are doing spectacular, I cannot imagine a happier puppy.  She was about 36 pounds last time she was weighed a few weeks ago, so she must be at least 40 by now.  She goes by Ladybird as well as Bird Dog, Bird Puppy, and Bird Darlin’.  Her first word was NO, followed by “treat”, “sit”, “hungry”, and she learned her name very quickly.  She absolutely LOVES to play.  …. Sometimes Rocky will show his teeth and growl at her, she puts her ears back and starts to cry, then proceeds to put her paw on Rocky’s nose, and as soon as he stops growling she gets a huge smile on her face and continues to try to play with him.  It is the cutest and strangest thing I have ever seen a dog do.  It is obvious that she is no ordinary dog. Thank you for the wonderful loving puppy.

I am always excited to get letters from our new friends, Kathy from MA makes the updates especially fun! 🙂 Latest update below:

Jenny’s latest game – taking great delight in beating Gary to his chair. Jenny had her spay on Tuesday.. came home on Wednesday and is doing great. She is such an amazing puppy.. we love her so much.

It is difficult to keep her quiet.. first thing she did in the house was jump on the sofa… one of the things the vet said to avoid… Jenny said the vet was nuts. 

It is fun to see the others and read about them as well. Thank you for putting the pictures etc. online.  We still cannot imagine a more devoted, loving breeder. So happy we were lucky enough to get Jenny Snowdrop. 

….she was already crate trained…. She willingly goes into the crate when asked…of course the fact that we drop treats in it helps. 😉 

She was basically housebroken from the beginning as well.. barking to go out. We might hang a bell near the door and teach her to ring that…since

Jenny Snowdrop is incredibly smart and learns fast.  (She has such a sweet disposition too!)

The first day here she already knew “sit” and “come here” she quickly learned, “down” “leave it” “stand” she also knows “turn around” , “circle” and “go between”.  

It is especially neat that she will respond to all those commands whether we verbally give them or simply use hand signals. Smartie!

We bought a ramp for her to get in and out of the car, instructions said it could take a couple of days for a dog to get used to it.. 

not the case with Jenny – she automatically walked up and down it, no problem.

Hey Linda!

just wanting to give you an update on Nala! She gets her final shots this weekend and she has been doing FANTASTIC in her training! she knows sit, down, bang (roll over), left (shake left paw), right (shake right paw), and touch! i will attatch some photos of how she is doing. Thank you so much! 

Wet noses and wagging tails,

Aubree, Carol, Nala, Max, and Ranger


Jazz is loving life!  She has been fixed and has the entire two acres to run and play with invisible fence. She is now 23 pounds. Loves her chew sticks and tree limbs!

Took this photo last night.  Chase is VERY peripatetic so him in relative repose is rare.  Barely 4 mos. old, he weighs close to 30 lbs. already and runs like the wind.  So lithe and regal!!  It is great fun to watch him discover and explore the world outside.  Georgia is quite enamored with Chase and despite her infirmities tries to give as good as she gets.  He is beginning to show signs that he senses her shortcomings and is, for the most part, benignly rough when they play. 

Melvin is a very dear man that adopted one of Heathers pups from her first litter in 2008. I was excited to hear from him at Christmas 2010 and he sent me a picture of him and Sandy:

Dear Linda, Thanks for the card and remembering Sandy and me. We are both doing well and since I live alone he makes my life so great. He loves everyone including other dogs. Last year I had my vet neuter him which I understand should give him a longer life span so at soon to be 83 he may make it as long as I do. Thanks for bringing this angel to be part of my life. Merry Christmas to all, Melvin. 

Duncan and Emily after a hike

A good puppy is a tired puppy, and a great puppy is an exhausted puppy.

We took Duncan on a 5 mile hike today.  Yesterday and the day before he went on 3 milers.  He loves to herd Emily and me on the hikes.  Emily is the troublesome sheep and I am the old and infirm one.  He’s got a lot of work to do.  At the ice cream shack at the dairy farm, he had a showdown with a group of geese (behind a fence).  The chickens were more hospitable.  The goats were just standoffish.

He loves the brick masons who are working on the chimneys.

Every time we take him somewhere we are asked where he came from and if there are more puppies available.  We tell them about colleycollies.

Puppy class started last night; just humans the first night.  Next week, Duncan goes, too.  Emily and I have already decided that Duncan is the best dog even though we haven’t met the other animals.

And…….he’s still growing.


 It’s us!  Jo and Jorja!!  We are celebrating our FIRST birthday this morning with a card, hats, a new toy and tonight we get our “birthday cake”! Our human Mom and Dad found a Dog Bakery in Cape Coral and got us each our own little “birthday puppy pie”!  We are being good and patient waiting for our treat after dinner tonight! Right now we are “tearing” into our new pull toy. I just pulled Jorja all over the living room! Ha Ha…she loves it when I play with her.Maybe we’ll let mom and dad get some photo’s of us with our birthday hats…and then they can send them to you!

We wanted to thank you for taking such good care of us when we were just little campers and wish our brothers a happy day too!  We’re sure their “people” are treating them to a special day and they are thinking of us too! Tell our Mom and Dad we love them and we love you, Grandpa and Aunt Casey too!

Can’t wait to see you!

Love  and sloppy kisses,

Jo and Jorja

From Craig in Oh:

Hi Linda sorry I haven’t written in such a long time. I wanted to thank you again for such a fine dog. Chase is doing good and is such a joy to have. He is Haliegh and I must admit, my best friend. He is about 50 lb. now in these pictures I hope you will enjoy. I hope you and your son and the dogs are doing well and again thanks. Haliegh says hi and to tell you (Joab) Chase, I still like Joab better, say he misses Grandma. He always get excited when Haliegh say’s Grandma. 

From our 2008 litter from Heather and Connor:
From Rachael in AR:

Barney is beautiful and very smart!  He knows the sit, down, and stay command and is still learning “heel”.  He loves playing tug a war, and has his little basket of toys.

We take him for a nice long off leash walk twice a day and other dogs in the neighborhood along with their owners often join.  So, he is well socialized.

He is almost completely sable and white with a tiny bit of black on his tail.  We enjoy him very much.

He has been crate trained from the beginning and is house trained.  He only had two accidents in the house since he came here to live, and that was when he first came.  He had no problem with walking on a leash to go outside, although he most often goes without the leash.

I will attach a few pictures of him to give you an idea of how he has developed.  He now weighs 39 pounds and is quite large.  The picture of him standing on the bed is when he first came to us, and was still small.