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Puppy Pricing Policy

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Welcome to Colley Collies!

The aim of our puppy pricing policy is to be as fair as possible to everyone on our list awaiting the newest and sweetest addition to their family. 

We do all we can to ensure your puppy will be a healthy and happy canine companion with bio sensory exercises, sound desensitization, letting the puppies run with adults to learn from them while being supervised and of course they get lots of love and socialization from us. But honestly that is just part of the overall process. 

We utilize science heavily with our breedings; canine cytology, progesterone testing, stud service if required, AI (artificial insemination), brucellosis tests, ultrasounds, checking for coefficient of inbreeding, DNA testing and other health testing along with a 5 year health guarantee against genetic defects. Added to that we are raw feeders and raise our pets as naturally as is safely possible. Everything we do for our pets and their puppies comes at a premium price. From time to time we increase the price of our puppies to keep up with the price increases that we pay. As well there is all of the hard work that we put into raising our beautiful healthy puppies that are raw fed a premium blend from day one when we take the job over from mom.

Because of this, we feel our puppies are simply the best that money can buy. And although they are AKC registered, remember that the AKC “stamp” does not mean you will get a healthy well adjusted puppy. That comes from the breeder first and foremost, not AKC!

Due to the interest expressed we have some planned litters for summer 2021 with births expected around mid July and a best guess of another during September 2021. Winter-spring 2022 matings with births around April-May-June best guess. For information on current available puppies or to see how we raise our puppies please visit our Available Puppies page. Please visit our Contact Us page to get on our list for either of those litters. Our current prices are $1850 for pet companion and $2250 for full registration/breeding. 


Our policy on pricing is as follows: 

The price quoted to you in your first email from us will be the price you pay for your puppy provided that: 

1. Your deposit securing your place on our waiting list is received within 10 days of that email stating the puppy price. We accept deposits and payments via PayPal, Cash App, Checks and Certified Checks.

2. When you are offered a puppy from a new litter and decide to accept your placement in that litter, an additional payment of $300 toward the purchase price is required within 3 days of acceptance for a total $500 non refundable deposit to hold that puppy for you.  The remaining balance is payable 10 days before a puppy leaves our home.

3. You accept a puppy you are offered that conforms to the preferences you stated on joining the list from the choices we have available, for the planned breeding times you specify. If you change your preference you must let us know as soon as possible before the litters arrive.

4. If we have a litter you have list deposited for and you defer one time to another litter your price will remain the same as when you joined our list. If we have a litter and you defer once and then defer a second time your price will be in accord with the current prices at that time. 

5. Above rules always apply of course but we are under no obligation to notify you of changes to our prices. However, we are happy to answer your inquiries at any time and prices will be posted on our available puppies page in the top section when we change them. 

6. If a price rise affects you that you consider unacceptable to your expectations or circumstances, we will promptly refund your listing deposit minus a $50 admin fee if you request this. 

7. We reserve the right of first choice of picking a pup from any of our litters to further enhance our breeding program if we choose to.


Our policy on deposits is as follows: 

1. To get on our list we currently accept a $200 list deposit to secure your spot to choose a puppy when the time comes. Anyone not on the list chooses after those that are. If you decide you want to leave the list at any time please let us know and we will promptly and happily refund your listing deposit minus a $50 admin fee.

2. Your position on the list is strictly determined by the date the waiting list deposit is received and the gender and color you have requested. 

3. If we are unable to provide a puppy for you in the time-frame estimated in our first email to you, and you wish to to leave the list not having yet chosen a puppy, you are entitled to a fast and complete refund minus a $50 admin fee. 

4. If you cancel your placement on the list after being allocated and accepting a puppy all deposits and payment(s) to date at that time are non-refundable but will be held for you as a credit upon the condition that you buy your puppy within 2 years from the date you cancel your placement. If you wait longer than 2 years from the date that you joined our list your total puppy price will be dependent on current prices at the time you accept a puppy. 

5. Finally, as an additional check and to activate your puppy’s Health Guarantee, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within three (3) business days of the arrival of your puppy.


For information on current available puppies see our Available Puppies page or to get on our list please visit our Contact Us page.