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Puppy Training Video List

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Welcome to Colley Collies!

Here you will find a list of training video’s that I have come across and saved for you. For now it is a rough list, no pun intended, lol, but please enjoy!

I’m putting this one at the top because you have to have treats for food motivated dogs, lol. 

The best homemade dog treats – 6 min


The biggest mistakes ppl make when treat training a puppy – 18 min


New puppy training


How to change your dog training


3 games dogs love that tire them out without walking


Teach your puppy to calm with this 7 minute exercise

Use these tips to stop puppy from biting your hands


Use empty Amazon boxes to teach these cool dog tricks


Don’t forget this step in your puppy training schedule


The unpopular truth about socializing your dog


10 missed puppy training opportunities  your missing every day


Is there a better way to stop leash pulling with your dog


5 puppy training exercises you should do every day at home – 17 min


The four puppy training rules that will change your life



Fenrir – How to turn awful recall into perfect recall training.


Stopping dog aggression in one session


How to stop your dog from pulling on the leash – extreme case


Fenrir –  how to stop dog to dog aggression


Finrir recall training with the worlds biggest puppy


Easy games to train puppies fast


How to stop puppy biting – Cesar Milan shorts