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Shep’s Pedigree & Test Results

Shep’s Test Results posted below.

AKC – DN60808001

AKC DNA Profile – #V935678 Neogen Corp# 935678

DOB – 12/31/2019

Shep shown here on our Collie Boys page, has grown into a large fun loving young adult. He loves running, playing and giving kisses. He is clear of all known collie diseases through parentage and DNA testing results. 🙂

Shep’s Collie Panel DNA Test Results

Shep DNA test results

Testing for DMS (Dermatomyositis) is the latest testing available for Collies that became available in 2018. All of our collies have been tested. The possible outcomes are “Low”, “Moderate”, and “High”. We were blessed with the good fortune that all of our collies were “Low”, the best possible outcome!