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Skye’s Pedigree & Test Results

AKC – DN42265101

Microchip – 0A02523830

DOB – 3/7/2015

Colley Collies Diamond in the Skye “Skye” is out of our own Colley Collies “Murron” x “Connor”. I feel very blessed to have a pup from him before losing him. Skye looks just her dad featured on all of our pages at the top. She is a total genetic combination from both parents, just the sweetest love ever. See pictures of Skye on our Collie Girls page. 

Skye is a carrier of CEA. To clarify she is NOT affected with CEA, see our DNA Page for more information about that. Skye is a normal eyed collie that inherited one copy of the gene that makes her a carrier. I am including information and crediting PawPrint Genetics with this information as they can say it far better then I ever could. “Collie Eye Anomaly is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion. Based on this, and the fact that this dog showed a mutation in one copy of the NHEJ1 gene, this dog is a carrier of this disease. Although dogs that carry only one copy of this mutation will not be clinically affected, if bred with another carrier, the pairing could produce affected offspring.  To avoid producing affected offspring, this dog should be bred with dogs that are normal (WT/WT) for this gene.”

And so here is my note about mating Skye: We would NEVER breed Skye to another CEA carrier or affected. 

Testing for DMS (Dermatomyositis) is the latest testing available for Collies that became available in 2018. By the end of the year we had all of our collies tested. The possible outcomes are “Low”, “Moderate”, and “High”. We were blessed with the good fortune that all of our collies were “Low”, the best possible outcome! Report shown below.