Beautiful Rough Collie Puppies For Sale


Here is where we will post various video’s on our pets and our pups!

This video is taken of our 2020 winter litters. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we took all of the puppies out of the puppy pen to play with them. I video’d a portion of it it and was calling out puppies to the people that had bought them. The people that were going to get the last puppy I was saying was sold last ended up not getting him and he went to a wonderful family in New Jersey instead with 2 small children.

I took this video around middle of Sept 2020 to show our dogs as they looked then.  Shep is getting so big!!!  He is larger then his dad.

We got Izzy (Isabel) at 8 weeks. A few days later Lummi has decided he needs to take care of her and “protect” her from any perceived threat. And to him Bonnie might just be playing to hard with his little girl, lol! He is such a sweet loving boy!

A video of our pets being silly when we come home from work! Excuse our garden, we have to clean it up and start planting really soon!